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  • ...the Roxy, New York's premier movie palace, and a four-year contract with [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus from 1928 through 1933. There, she occup ...ower Saxony, where she met her husband, Gerhard Glage (whom she married on August 30, 1952), found employment as a translator, and eventually created her own
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  •;in Philadelphia, April 3, 1793—opens the first New York circus on August 7, 1793. It is a wooden, roofless (at least in the beginning) amphitheater - July 14-August 28, 1812: Building hosts the company of Twaits & Placide.
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  • ...Silvia Graciela ("Chela," born May 23, 1945), Victor Daniel ("Tito," born August 29, 1947), Ricardo ("Richie," born May 25, 1957), José, and Marco Antonio. ...alacios]], with triple-somersaulter [[Lalo Palacio]], were starring in the Ringling show, and the triple, still a rarity at the time, became Tito's goal. He ca
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  • ...ttraction in the nineteenth century. The circus, designed by the architect August Weber and financed by Aleksandr Danilov, a gold mining entrepreneur and cir ...and 1960-1961, and an American Circus program made of star acts from the [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus’s roster in 1964. These rare and short
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  • ...nd Charles Clarke had secured the triple in 1910, while working with the [[Ringling Bros. Circus]]; but although they attempted it regularly in performance, th ...cus star, and The Codonas a much sought-after flying act. Star acts of the Ringling shows were often in demand in Europe during their winter break, and The Cod
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  • already left Europe, and was performing in the United States with the [[Ringling Bros. Circus]]. ...of [[Charles Ringling]] and, in May 1914, The Orpingtons debuted with the Ringling Bros. Circus in Chicago.[[File:Orpingtons.png|thumb|left|300px|The Orpingto
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  • Bertram Wagstaff Mills was born in London on August 11, 1873. He was the son of Halford Lewis Mills of Smarden, Kent, and Mary the world returning to London after a long hiatus! Unfortunately, John Ringling was unable to arrange shipping space for such a huge undertaking so soon af
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  • trick rider." In Melbourne in 1906, aged twelve, she was billed as "May Ringling," the "American fearless hurricane hurdle rider." Like the most ''adroit'' ...b|left|400px|May Wirth (1913)]]Nonetheless, she was spotted by one of John Ringling’s talent scouts and was engaged in 1912 to tour the United States with hi
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  • ...s most prestigious circuses, and had been a center-ring headliner with [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus in the United States for seven consecuti ...]]’s talent scouts, who offered her a contract in the United States with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, ''The Greatest Show On Earth''.
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  • ...As the feisty Babe would often say, "My family was in the circus when the Ringling brothers were still wearing wooden shoes." ...dler with another elephant trainer, Eugene "Arky" Scott, who worked with [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]].
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  • ...ted States in early 1940, where he had obtained a timely contract with the Ringling show. ...but in Artur Maria Rabenalt’s ''Zirkus Renz'', a biopic loosely based on August Heinrich Kober’s romanticized biography of [[Ernst Renz]], also titled ''
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  • ...most famous hand balancer in the circus business, thanks notably to [[John Ringling North]], who made him a true circus star in the United States and, conseque ...Circus Knie. According to North, Unus showed no interest in working for [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]], and the first meetings he had with the hand ba
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  • ...l Krone]], colleagues and admirers such as [[Jérôme Medrano]] and [[John Ringling North]], and even, four generations later, [[Bernhard Paul]]. ...t condition; he was exhausted and his health began to deteriorate. In late August, while the circus was still in São Paulo, he had to be hospitalized. Then,
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  • In August of 1873, Fernando set up his circus tent at the ''Fête de Montmartre'', a of a circus on Fernando's chosen location, the work began on August 15, 1874.
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  • ...nd did some bodybuilding. In 1951, after seeing [[Harold Alzana]] in the [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily]] show at [[Madison Square Garden]] in New York, G ...Harold Alzana]], the artist Mendez had emulated, and a major star of the [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus, was victim of a fall during the opening
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  • ...a sealion trainer. (Their son, Adolf Frohn, Jr. (1904-1955), joined the [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus in 1945 before settling in Marineland, F ...asse, one block from Munich’s train depot, and asked the architect Josef August Ruprecht to build a wooden circus that could seat 4,000 spectators. It woul
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  • ...r menagerie included four elephants, a hippo and various exotic animals. [[August Molker]] joined the show with one of Hagenbeck's finest tiger acts. Franz a ...acts including their famous cage acts presented by [[Vojtech Trubka]] or [[August Natsch]].
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  • [[File:Barbette_Ringling_43.jpg|thumb|left|400px|Barbette on the Ringling Lot (1943)]]What we know is that Barbette spent eighteen months at the Post ...irect [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus's new production. John Ringling North was in the process of modernizing his uncles' old circus. Murray Ande
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  • ...sel Brothers]], and [[Polack Brothers]]. (After the initial success of the Ringling Brothers show, American circuses took on to present themselves as family or ...ging trapeze act as Miss Aerialetta. In 1964, her two acts were hired by [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey]].
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  • ...liant career as an animal trainer with a sea lion named Buddy. He was born august 24, 1891 in Cincinnati, Ohio to George Jennier and Cornelia (Nina) Howland ...n multiple sea lion acts, and three of them worked in three rings with the Ringling show. The next season, Walter was working one of the sea lion acts.
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