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  • ...939, in Cartagena, where she performed a small trapeze act in her father's circus, Circo Florida. A very strong girl, both physically and psychologically, Ma ...Florida was performing. Three years later, when Miro Papadopoulos sold his circus to his brother, Cristóforo Cristo, Mara was free to strike out on her own.
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  • ...accepted into the State Circus College of Kiev, the second most important circus school in Soviet Russia (after the one in Moscow). He graduated in 1994 as ...which she joined in 1988. Four years later, she was accepted at the State Circus College of Kiev, where she graduated in 1994 as a hand-balancer and an acro
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  • ...lias, and Terezas, all bearing the Durov name, they have given the Russian circus an impressive number of talented clowns, animal trainers, and entertainment In Soviet circus lore, Anatoly and Vladimir Durov are often associated with the Bolshevik re
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  • ...s: Heinz’s father was a movie stuntman who worked with horses for UFA in Berlin, then Germany’s major movie studio. ...ombed the airport: In the confusion, Heinz managed to escape and return to Berlin.
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  • ...the USSR) on February 18, 1972 in a family that was not connected with the circus: Both her parents worked for import-export companies. As a child, the mixtu ...Institute of Variety and Circus Arts in Ukraine (still part of the Soviet Union at the time). The year was 1987. In 1989, she was hired as a top mounter in
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  • ...Rabenalt’s ''Die drei Codonas'' (1940)—a very rare occurrence for circus artists—and two romanticized biographies. Alfredo (1893-1937) and Abelardo ("Lalo," 1895-1951) Codona were born into a circus family. Their grandfather, Henry, came from a long line of Scottish showmen
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  • ...the huge polar bears she eventually chose to present, and which made her a circus star all over Europe and in the United States. ...p novels: She took a job as an usher and cleaning woman with [[Jakob Busch|Circus Busch]], which was visiting Dresden in 1952. She was twenty-five, living ri
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  • ...ted to perform, and when she recovered, friends suggested that she try the circus. ...iberian city in the region of Novosibirsk. There, she learned a variety of circus disciplines, and partnered with another student, Anatoly Evgenevich Lotishe
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  • ...r of wild animals for the [[Staatszirkus der DDR]], East-Germany’s state circus organization. He graduated to performing in 1966 with a mixed group of lion marrying Erhard. She worked as a cashier at [[Circus Busch|Zirkus Busch-Berlin]], where she and her husband, worked, and became increasingly involved with
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  • ...f Monte Carlo]] in 1984, and the great respect in which he was held in the circus world at large are a testimony to his immense talent. ...-lasting passion for horses. Then, in 1958, his mother re-married with the circus horseman Kazbek Borisovich Nugzarov (1905-1979). Tamerlan rejoined her, and
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  • ...d been a center-ring headliner with [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus in the United States for seven consecutive seasons. She was also courageous ...troubles, and in an area also totally devoid of competition. (The Spanish circus scene at the time was particularly active.)
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  • ...and during the Soviet regime, originated one of Russia’s most important circus dynasties. Their name still resonates today in Russian lore and culture, an To the circus historian, however, finding one’s way into the intricacy of their expande
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  • ...f the ''Menschen-Tiere-Sensationen'' show at the [[Deutschlande Halle]] in Berlin. ...when circuses hit the road again, in the ring—notably with the new [[Circus Sarrasani]], after it had been resuscitated by [[Fritz Mey]] in 1956. Camil
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  • ==Carola Williams And Her Circus== ...he Althoff Dynasty|Althoffs]], she ran from 1945 to 1968 a very successful circus, which presented elegant shows with excellent artists and outstanding eques
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  • ...n iconic figure of Britain’s premier circus at the time, [[Bertram Mills Circus]]. In addition to his professional work, he was also noted for his charitab ...9), a clown and acrobat who would become a major circus star in the Soviet Union after the Communist revolution.
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  • ..., where they performed extensively on international tours of the "[[Moscow Circus]]." Kio’s illusions had a unique particularity: they were created to be p ...more than their illustrious father, who was a bona fide star of the Soviet circus, Emil, Jr. and Igor became celebrities in their own right; they appeared on
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  • ...ntury, under a succession of owners of more or less legitimate lineage. In circus lore, Sarrasani is still a fabled name that evokes a history of epic propor ==HANS STOSCH’S CIRCUS SARRASANI==
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  • =="Größter Circus Europas"== ...t circus building in Munich, the Kronebau, has been home to regular winter circus productions since 1919.
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  • ...89. Upon graduation, he was hired by [[SoyuzGosTsirk]], the Soviet central circus agency, and toured with them in the many circuses of the former USSR, and i ...eushev]] at his studio in [[Circus Nikulin]]—Moscow’s legendary “Circus on Tvetnoy Boulevard”. In January 1995, Gneushev presented Ivakhnenko’s
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  • ...a career in the circus and, therefore, he is indeed an important figure of circus history. ...major influence in reshaping the western clown image. Merging traditional circus clown techniques and classic theatrical pantomime, while escaping the clich
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