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  • ==Knie: The Swiss National Circus== ...d be at the origin of one of the world's most prestigious and long-lasting circus dynasties. Born in Erfurt and nineteen years old, the young Friedrich left
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  • ==Circus Owner and Director== ...break for National Service in the Royal Air Force. After the Bertram Mills Circus closed down in 1967, he and Cyril Mills remained close friends.''
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  • ...go) of one of the trio's original members, [[Charlie Rivel]], who left his brothers in 1935 to replicate the family act with other, anonymous partners and even ...Pedro and Juan began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met—and later married—a French acroba
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  • ==Circus Owner and Producer== ...y Cottle seized the opportunity, and his name soon became synonymous with "circus" in the United Kingdom and would remain so until Cottle’s untimely death
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