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  • ==Circus Websites== '''Eden Brothers''' Circus []
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  • circus performer. He graduated in 1986 with a remarkable hand-balancing and contortion act. ...ed to perform, appearing at the Tropicana in Havana and touring with Cuban circus companies in South America.
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  • ...Circus and Variety Arts]]. There, he was trained by the legendary acrobat and hand-balancer, [[Valery Raschivkin]]. ...ow based in the United States. In 2013, Angelo returned to Peru to produce circus shows in Lima.
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  • ==Animal Trainer, Circus Owner== ...ry 15, 1931 in St. Peter, Minnesota to Milton Lindsay Herriott (1901-1962) and his wife, Viola (1905-1981), née Engesser. John was the second of their tw
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  • ...Sarasota wants to run away and join the circus, it is relatively easy: The circus is all over the place! ...s (today the Sailor Circus Academy, part of the Circus Arts Conservatory), and became a showgirl on the Ringling show.
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  • ...eorge Jennier and Cornelia (Nina) Howland Jennier, who performed in circus and variety venues. George Jennier’s family had changed their name from Hess ...e of her visits to her uncle. At that time, George performed a Risley act, and Nina was a songstress with various shows.
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  • ...ood. Soon they were on their way to join Walter, and Jo-Ann began learning circus life. until she became tired and sat on the ring curb, thus ending her early circus career.
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