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  • ...later in Europe, before ending as one of the greatest wild animal trainers of all times—and as such, a major circus star in Europe and America. ...well introduced in political circles. Alfred was the youngest of a family of ten children.
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  • ...arles Hughes]], [[Andrew Ducrow]], [[George Sanger]], and other luminaries of the British circus, they still hold an important place in circus history.'' ...lls turned into circus performers and entrepreneurs, thus establishing one of the very first circus dynasties.''
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  • ...between the two world wars, have established its fame beyond the confines of Germany, its homeland. In addition, under various incarnations, its permane ...he turn of the twentieth century in Europe, triggered by the European tour of the giant American circus [[Barnum & Bailey Circus|Barnum & Bailey]], which
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  • ...that matter, of Europe. For many years, it was the High Society‚Äôs circus of choice. Its relatively small size gave it warmth and intimacy (it was somet ...l "bonbonniere" that was the Nouveau Cirque looked suddenly like a remnant of another era. It faced a competition it was ill-equipped to fight. Once a re
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