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  • ...the huge polar bears she eventually chose to present, and which made her a circus star all over Europe and in the United States. ...p novels: She took a job as an usher and cleaning woman with [[Jakob Busch|Circus Busch]], which was visiting Dresden in 1952. She was twenty-five, living ri
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  • Erhard & Christiane Samel, Mixed animals cage act, at [[Circus Busch|Zirkus Busch-Berlin]], in the former DDR (East Germany). The off-scre * Biography: [[Erhard & Christiane Samel]]
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  • ...r of wild animals for the [[Staatszirkus der DDR]], East-Germany’s state circus organization. He graduated to performing in 1966 with a mixed group of lion ...ed the circus in 1963, after marrying Erhard. She worked as a cashier at [[Circus Busch|Zirkus Busch-Berlin]], where she and her husband, worked, and became
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