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  • ...’Hiver and Medrano, to Paula Busch and her son-in-law, the producer Emil Wacker, who had lost their circus in Berlin to city planning. They took possession
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  • ...[Circus Busch|Micaela Busch]], Paula’s daughter, and her husband, [[Emil Wacker]] (a Nazi sympathizer), were put in charge of the new traveling show. The c ...German [[Circus Aeros]] (managed by Micaela Busch’s former husband, Emil Wacker) and, in February 1954, he shared the bill with [[Buster Keaton]] at Brusse
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  • ...agement to [[Circus Busch|Paula Busch]], who placed her son-in-law, [[Emil Wacker]], at the helm of Medrano. Then Paula Busch took over the Cirque d’Hiver
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  • ...II Germany, a number of minor German circus entrepreneurs (such as [[Emil Wacker]], [[Kurt Collien]], [[Willy Aureden]], and [[Fritz_Mey#FRITZ_MEY.27S_CIRCU ...Wacker's [[Circus Apollo]] that had gone bankrupt in Rome in 1952, keeping Wacker as an employee. (Unfortunately, the venture ended again in bankruptcy in 19
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