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  • ...o and Davide, worked as animal trainers with [[The Bouglione Family|Firmin Bouglione]]'s [[Cirque Amar]], in France, and eventually created, in the 1980s, their ...for major European circuses ([[Arlette Gruss]] and the [[Cirque d'Hiver]]-Bouglione in France, or [[Cirkus Maximum]] in Sweden).
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  • for a time the Cirque d’Hiver into a theater. The great French actor Firmin Gémier (1869-1933), who was developing a non-elitist, popular theater of q === Enter The Bouglione Family ===
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  • ...n 1979, Daniel Suskov, spent the season with [[The Bouglione Family|Firmin Bouglione]]’s [[Cirque Amar]], where he also presented a liberty act. For the winte ...m, where he presented a group of African elephants, and assisted Alexandre Bouglione with his group of tigers. He was still in Belgium at the beginning of 1992,
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  • ...hen she was only one-day-old by Firmin and Violette [[The Bouglione Family|Bouglione]]. (The fact, which has never been publicized, is little known, yet the res
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  • ...ampion_Bouglione_Horses_-_1948|Sampion Bouglione, liberty act]], at Cirque Bouglione (1948) * Video: [[La_Famille_Bouglione_Video_(1960)|''La Famille Bouglione'', TV documentary]] filmed at the Cirque d'Hiver (1960)
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  •|Rosaire]]…), star wild-animal trainers ([[The Bouglione Family|Firmin Bouglione]], [[Ivanoff]] and his pupil, [[Pablo Noel]]…), great acrobats ([[The Mor
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  • * Video: [[Gruss_Family_Jockeys_Video_(1990)|Martine, Stephan, Armand & Firmin Gruss, jockey act]], at the Festival d'Avignon (1990) * Gipsy Gruss-Bouglione, ''Sur le fil de ma vie'' (Pont-Saint-Esprit, La Mirandole, 2005) — I
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  • ...presented by André Leclerc. The film features Sampion, Firmin, and Joseph Bouglione. (1960) — ''Document: Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) &mdash * Biography: [[The Bouglione Family]]
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  • ...sulted in Jérôme Medrano losing his circus to the [[The Bouglione Family|Bouglione]] family nearly a century later. ...cus scene. Thus the Cirque d’Hiver reopened for the 1934-35 season under Bouglione management, and the Fratellinis, who were not part of the deal, became free
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  • ...n tigers, later presented by [[The Bouglione Family|Alexandre Bouglione]], Firmin’s son, with great success. ...Pinder. Instead, he went to Belgium, first to his former student Alexandre Bouglione, and then to the [[Piste Circus]] of Jeanine de Baets and [[Mario Masson]].
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  • ...long friendship with the circus’s new owners, the [[The Bouglione Family|Bouglione family]]; they then went on to perform at Rouen's circus building, and from ...ei Family|Orfei]] in Italy. For its 1950 tour, [[Joseph Van Been]] (Joseph Bouglione’s Belgian brother-in-law) joined Franz Althoff with a lion act. His was o
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