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  • ...on the road. Adolf and Carola would manage the two circuses (Williams and Hagenbeck) conjointly until 1956. In the absence of Alfons and Jeanette, Carola also
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  • ...ularized by the great European cat trainers of the [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbeck]] school, which tended to privilege their animals’ actions over the train ...iss trainer [[Eugen Weidmann]] presented in Germany at [[Circus Friederike Hagenbeck]] (which belonged to [[Carola Williams]]).
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  • ...869; Therese Edwig, born in 1971, who died soon after birth; and Elizabeth Friederike Erdmuthe, born in 1876. Hans’s mother died in 1884, when Hans was only el ...mals were horses, but a first elephant bought from [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbeck]] was soon added, and seven more would follow in 1906, purchased from the L
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  • [[File:Carl_Krone_Family.jpg|thumb|left|400px|Carl & Friederike Krone's Family]]Carl’s true calling came when a traveling menagerie visit ...e Auguste, had six children: Albert, Rudolf, Franziska, Wilhelm, Adolf and Friederike—who all generated lineages of animal trainers and circus artists that
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