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  • The Flying Caceres troupe, today headed by George Caceres (as of 2012), was created by Miguel Caceres in 1982 for the 112th E ...y Jacobs]] joined the act), and with [[Bentley Bros. Circus]], the [[Royal Hanneford Circus]], [[Tarzan Zerbini Circus]], [[Hamid Circus Royale]], among many ot
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  • ...therine Hanneford, George Hanneford, Jr., Vicky Hanneford, and Kay Frances Hanneford), rosinback comedy act, on ABC Television's ''Hollywood Palace'' (1967) *Biographies: [[The Hanneford Family]], [[Tommy Hanneford]]
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  • ...most circus producers along with her husband, [[The Hanneford Family|Tommy Hanneford]] (1927-2005). Her circus career, both as an artist and a producer, spanned ...rt show, she with Trude, and he with his father and siblings in the George Hanneford Family jockey act. They met again on yet another show, and Tommy and Strupp
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  • '''George Carden''' (circus owner), '''The Hanneford Family''' (equestrians),
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  • ...orge Hanneford, Sr., Catherine Hanneford, George Hanneford, Jr., and Vicky Hanneford), at [[Cole Bros. Circus]] (1949) * Biography: [[The Hanneford Family]], [[Tommy Hanneford]]
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