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  • ...West returns to his circus, where he produces a series of pantomimes with great success. (There is no known record of his performing there between these tw - Built in 1833 as a menagerie by the Zoological Institute, the syndicate of menagerie and circus owners based in Somers, NY, which controlled the tr
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  • ...broadsword in battle—an expertise Astley would later display in his shows. ...tley's Riding School remained principally of an equestrian nature. But the great British actor and manager, David Garrick, who, as Astley was rising to fame
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  • group of eleven elephants, with its teeterboard finale. They obtained a great success with the Parisian press and circus aficionados. ...the opportunity to observe his work closely for a full month. Houcke had a great elegance in the ring, and a quiet and soft manner with his tigers. Although
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  • ...he ran from 1945 to 1968 a very successful circus, which presented elegant shows with excellent artists and outstanding equestrian and animal acts, and was Since the Middle Ages, there had been a great tradition of Jewish itinerant entertainers. Many of them originated circus
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