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  • ...he learned various circus disciplines, which he then performed with other circus kids in amateur shows. His father soon began to train him as a juggler, dis in 1975. He signed his first circus season with Blackpool's [[Tower Circus]] in England. His success was immediate, and he embarked upon a brilliant i
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  • ==Circus Websites== '''Eden Brothers''' Circus []
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  • ...Banola Troupe. Andrée adopted his name (as was the tradition then, in the circus, when a young performer had apprenticed to a famous master) when she starte ...ame for herself: Her handstand on her trapeze bar didn’t fail to impress circus professionals and aficionados, and her act continued to improve over the ye
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  • ...ith their parents, when the Cortes Troupe were contracted by [[Hoxie Bros. Circus]] to perform their high wire and flying trapeze acts. Young Robinson perfor ...he flying trapeze bug too, and began flying at the tender age of five. The family’s flying act, headed by Edmundo Cortes, lasted twenty-one years; when Edm
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  • ...side, and his father had worked on the fairgrounds. Freddy Ross created [[Circus Rosaire]] in England in 1904. ...ire Family|Derrick, Jr.]], [[The Rosaire Family|Linda]], and [[The Rosaire Family|Pamela]], who settled in the United States, are also famous animal trainers
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  • ==Circus Owner and Director== ...unced the "Death of Britain’s Nº 1 Showman" and the "King of the Modern Circus," indicating the unrivalled position in which the showman was revered.
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  • ...and when he was about thirteen years old, Miguel "ran away and joined the circus," as they say. ...eras, with Miguel as their main flyer, participated in the [[International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo]] in 1977.
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  • ==Equestrian, Acrobat, Circus Owner== ...Hanneford Troupe, with Tommy Hanneford, comedy jockey act]], at Cole Bros. Circus (1949)
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  • prize came with a scholarship to train at Moscow’s [[State College of Circus and Variety Arts]]. There, he was trained by the legendary acrobat and hand ...ow based in the United States. In 2013, Angelo returned to Peru to produce circus shows in Lima.
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  • ==Aerialist, Acrobat, Animal Trainer, Circus Owner== ...ith her husband, [[The Hanneford Family|Tommy Hanneford]] (1927-2005). Her circus career, both as an artist and a producer, spanned the entire second half of
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  • ==Animal Trainer, Circus Owner== ...rainer and circus owner, third-generation of one of the few truly American circus dynasties. He was born on January 15, 1931 in St. Peter, Minnesota to Milto
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  • The family moved south to the farm of Hattie's grandparents in Llano, fifty miles from ...was immediately hooked and, then and there, decided that he would become a circus performer.
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  • ...Sarasota area, which has been home to a significant number of circuses and circus performers since [[The Ringling Brothers|John and Charles Ringing]] moved t a large crowd of circus artists, executives, and members of the greater circus arts appreciation community, who gather to honor the inductees, past and pr
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  • ==Equestrians, Circus Owners== ...anneford_Video_(1949)|George Hanneford Troupe, jockey act]], at Cole Bros. Circus (1949)
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  • Hanneford, George Hanneford, Jr., and Vicky Hanneford), at [[Cole Bros. Circus]] (1949) * Biography: [[The Hanneford Family]], [[Tommy Hanneford]]
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