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  • ...ence of [[Philip Astley]], [[Charles Hughes]], [[Andrew Ducrow]], [[George Sanger]], and other luminaries of the British circus, they still hold an important ...even children, only one of whom carried on in the circus business (Stephen James, a.k.a. Leon). After Stephen's death, the surviving children (except Leon)
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  • ...nd was billed for a time as a bareback rider and acrobat under the name of James Turner. By 1845, however, he had reverted to his own identity and, as Jim M ...rofitably a fierce competition with the English circus king, [["Lord" John Sanger]].
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  • ...nt was by far the United Kingdom’s premier and largest traveling circus. Sanger’s stables were particularly rich, and young Foottit furthered his equestr Paris, in a show whose star was the first ''auguste'' seen in France, [[James Guyon]]. The auguste was a newcomer to the circus ring; the equestrian [[To
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  • ...rone’s huge elephant act from Banda Vidane, who had retired. (In 2002, [[James Puydebois]] succeeded her, bringing with him the mighty Colonel Joe, the hu ...Video_(1969)|Christel Sembach Krone, Alexander Bohnstedt, Adi Enders, Mike Sanger]], high school act (1969)
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