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  • ...peze act. Eduardo worked as a tumbler and in a flying trapeze act "à la [[Jules Léotard|Léotard]]"—the creator of the genre, who had been the toast ...his grip and fell into the net. He had dislocated his shoulder; [[Georges Loyal]], Medrano’s ringmaster, had to use a ladder to go up to the net and help
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  • ...Loyal, son of the legendary acrobat on horseback, [[Justino Loyal|Giustino Loyal]] (1909-1999). Timi was supported by his wife Denyse, and by [[The Suarez T ...ensky Troupe|Loyal Repenskys]], the equestrian troupe of his father, Jules Loyal (1879-1956), who had married Giuseppina Travaglia, scion of an old Italian
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  • The French novelist Jules Claretie (1840-1913) gave a good description of the Cirque Fernando at that ...ated [[The Chiarini Family|Chiarini]] family, the dog and monkey trainer [[Jules Bugny]], the American equestrienne Jenny Visser, and the clowns Vallier & W
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  • ...t (1839-1886), and eleven frescoes depicting scenes of the Roman circus by Jules-Élie Delaunay (1828-1891), a respected artist whose painted panels can sti provided so many ''régisseurs'' to Parisian circuses that a ''Monsieur Loyal'' is today the French term that designates a ringmaster.
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  • ...once you had secured return engagements, they allowed the development of a loyal local audience—if you delivered the goods, which Palisse did. Althoug ...berty acts of the Swedish director [[Henning Orlando]] and of the French [[Jules Glasner]], to the famous [[Edmond Rainat|Rainats]] on the flying trapeze, t
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