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  • [[File:Circus_Nikitin_in_Moscow.jpg|right|400px|thumb|Circus Nikitin in Moscow (c.1915)]] ==Circus Entrepreneurs==
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  • ...and during the Soviet regime, originated one of Russia’s most important circus dynasties. Their name still resonates today in Russian lore and culture, an To the circus historian, however, finding one’s way into the intricacy of their expande
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  • in Moscow, [[Circus Nikulin]] on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and the [[Bolshoi Circus]] (''bolshoi'' means ''big'', in Russian) on Vernadsky Avenue—and the ...Ciniselli (St. Petersburg)|Circus Ciniselli]] stands today. Tourniaire’s circus had only a short existence: it was bought back by the government of St. Pet
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  • ...erson juggling act, put together for the Festival by Svetlana Garabvova in Kazan, is composed of Viacheslav Chabanenko, Roman Bogadkin, Rustem Galeev, Rusl
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  • ...ternational Youth Festival of Circus Arts in 2011 by Svetlana Garabvova in Kazan. The group was composed of Viacheslav Chabanenko, Roman Bogadkin, Rustem Ga * Video: [[Garabova_Troupe_Video_(2011)|Garabova Troupe, group juggling]], at Circus Nikulin in Moscow (2011)
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