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  • ...ompany: First, the panneau ballerinas—Mesdemoiselles Slapashinskaya; Louise Letard, who danced the ''zabadauda'' on her trotting horse; Josefina Guerra ...pique (Paris)|Cirque Olympique]], on the Boulevard du Temple, when [[Louis Dejean]] took over the [[The Franconi Dynasty|Franconis]]' circus in 1835. Paul Cu
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  • ...dinand Beert, who was a very versatile all-around performer, remained with Dejean for ten consecutive years, appearing in a wide variety of acts, on horsebac The great Equestrian Master [[François Baucher]] (1796-1873), who was Dejean’s equestrian director, decided to take Louis under his wing and teach him
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  • ...les: Baptiste met his future wife in 1851 at Circus Renz, where François, Louise and himself were performing, along with Caroline Loyo, who started a liaiso all what we know of him: He, too, probably died in infancy. His sister Louise, born circa 1830, became a talented equestrienne who eventually married (or
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