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  • [[Image:Friedrich_Knie_(1784-1850).jpg|thumb|right|300px|Friedrich Knie]] ==Knie: The Swiss National Circus==
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  • was initially called [[Zirkus Lajos]] (''Lajos'' is the equivalent of ''Ludwig'' in Hungarian). ...drano from Wien". The choice of ''Medrano'' had been obviously inspired to Ludwig Swoboda by the homonymous Parisian institution, then at the peak of its glo
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  • such a famous name around Europe that, in 1920, the Austrian director [[Ludwig Swoboda]] renamed his ''Zirkus Lajos'', [[Circus Medrano-Swoboda|Circus Med at Medrano in December 1955, where the comedian had presented [[Circus Knie]]’s group of African elephants: Jérôme saw the association of Jean Rich
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  • ...]]), and some excellent classic shows were thriving (such as [[Circus Knie|Knie]], [[Arturo Castilla|Castilla]], [[The Schumann Dynasty|Schumann]], [[Circu’s Barcelona engagement, the circus building hosted the Swiss [[Circus Knie]] in January with the full program that had just toured in Switzerland, and
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