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  • ==Circus Websites== '''Eden Brothers''' Circus []
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  • ...8 by [[Irvin Feld]], then co-owner of [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus]], with help from former Ringling clown and author/illustrator [[Bill Balla of the applicant's psychology, interests, and previous experience. The circus also organized live auditions along its route, which was an efficient way o
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  • == THE FIRST CIRCUS IN AMERICA== ...t performance of Mr. John Bill Ricketts's company at the ''Circus''. The ''Circus'' was a roofless arena that could accommodate some eight-hundred spectators
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  • Cirkus Benneweis was, until 2015, Denmark's premier circus, and one of Europe's oldest circuses still in the hands of the same family: ...ed a license to perform as "artist and musician" and began to give outdoor circus performances in Denmark. Gottfried was the son of August Wilhelm Binneweitz
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  • ==Circus Director and Impresario== ...evements were the introduction of theatrical aesthetics into the traveling circus performance, a modern approach to public relations and marketing, his fores
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  • ...(Oftentimes, what seems spectacular on the stage loses its efficiency in a circus ring, which is a far more challenging performing space.) ...[[The Andreu-Rivels]], Charlie Rivel’s family act, with [[Bertram Mills Circus]]; and Valentino in Brussels. They all began performing at a tender age, wo
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  • ...sconsin in 1854. As the feisty Babe would often say, "My family was in the circus when the Ringling brothers were still wearing wooden shoes." ...father's elephants, thus his nickname. At age 11, he began working in the circus as a candy butcher. But Buckles had other plans: in 1951, over his father's
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  • ==Animal Trainer, Circus Owner== ...rainer and circus owner, third-generation of one of the few truly American circus dynasties. He was born on January 15, 1931 in St. Peter, Minnesota to Milto
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  • ...from South Moravia. Its story began in the familiar fashion common to many circus families: In the late nineteenth century, in the small village of Kladky, s ...mber 15, 1931-November 7, 2003), originated the present Faltynek (Faltyny) circus line.
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  • ...d, for that matter, of Europe. For many years, it was the High Society’s circus of choice. Its relatively small size gave it warmth and intimacy (it was so ...irque d’Hiver]], completely refurbished, returned to the presentation of circus shows after a rather futile hiatus as a movie-house and theater; the [[Cirq
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