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  • His father had owned a small furniture moving company in West Ealing, England, but business must have been bad (not to mention the hardship caused by try === Billy Smart's New World Circus ===
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  • ...was masked by an imposing façade, ornate with painted woodcarvings in the new and fashionable ''Jugenstil'', the German ''Art Nouveau''—a harbinger Hans Stosch-Sarrasani (as he was now known) was the only one of this new breed of circus directors who had not been involved in the menagerie busine
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  • ...gly faithful and enthusiastic following in the countryside of the south of England—not a large territory, but Nell Gifford wanted hers to be a "village- ...y then, Nell had secured a place to study English literature at Oxford’s New College. She took a short break to go to the United States at the invitatio
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  • Together, Gerry and Betty developed a new act titled "The Juggling Melvilles, Aristocrats of Balance" (in which Gerry ...ooting, he left the Count and his circus, and returned to Britain with his new girlfriend, Mavis, who was Count Lazard’s sister-in-law... The experience
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