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  • '''American Circus''' (Togni) [] Circo '''Darix Togni''' []
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  • ...formance. The first Gold Clowns, which in time became the equivalent of an Oscar® to the circus world, were awarded to [[Alfred Court]], in tribute to h ...the big top of another Italian Circus, [[The Togni Family|Circo Americano-Togni]]. Since 1995, it has been held under a large, sedentary circus structure p
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  • The Togni family is one of the largest Italian circus dynasties still active today. I The dynasty was founded by Aristide Togni (1853-1924), a university student who, in the 1870s, ran away and joined th
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  • ...ober 1, 2008, Cesare Togni was the oldest member of the [[The Togni Family|Togni family]], one of Italy's foremost circus dynasties. He was a beloved circus Born in 1924, Cesare was the son of [[Ugo Togni]] (1897-1981) and Ugo's wife, a former acrobat, tumbler, and animal trainer
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  • ...y. From 1962 to 1965, he worked in Italy at [[The Togni Family|Circo Darix Togni]]. ...a]] (Emilien Beautour), who was then working with [[The Togni Family|Oscar Togni]]. In 1981, while he was practicing with a new group of lions and tigers at
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  • .... Since the Ringling show was scheduled to play sport arenas, Castilla and Togni booked a winter tour of Circo Americano in major Italian sport arenas (the]], [[Circus Strassburger|Henry Strassburger]], [[The Togni Family|Bruno Togni]] and Gunther Gebel-Williams—an image against which Ringling’s hast
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  • ...many; [[Cirque Medrano (Paris)|Cirque Medrano]] in Paris; [[Circo Heros]] (Togni) in Italy; [[Circo Price]] in Madrid, [[Cirque Royal (Brussels)|Cirque Roya ...November 11, 1963, after a last performance with the Italian circus [[The Togni Dynasty|Heros]] in Pforzheim, Germany.
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  • ...Hans Stosch in the traveling circus managed by Helene Kolzer, the widow of Oscar Kolzer, a Bavarian equestrian and circus owner. There he performed as a clo ...the history of elephant training.) Other elephants were bought by [[Darix Togni]] in Italy. Trude, now labeled as a "Nazi collaborationist", had a hard tim
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  • ...lourishing—as well as for such major circuses as [[The Togni Dynasty|Togni]] and [[The Palmiri Family|Palmiri]], where they were eventually featured. ...e Jarz Family|Roberto Jarz]]’s flying trapeze act, under the guidance of Oscar Papi, [[Enzo Cardona]]’s old catcher. They also had a high school act pre
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