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  • ...ere practically forced to sell their mighty circus to [[Circus Busch|Paula Busch]], and they took refuge in The Netherlands—where they would re-create|Carl Krone]], [[Circus Sarrasani|Hans Stoch-Sarrasani, Jr.]], and Paula Busch, like many other prominent German entrepreneurs, chose to join the NSDAP (N
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  • ...and [[John Ringling North]], and even, four generations later, [[Bernhard Paul]]. ...ith too strong a resistance from the city—undoubtedly fueled by Paul Busch.
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  • ...Fratellini]]—the father of the legendary [[Les Fratellini|Fran├žois, Paul and Albert]]—and his partner, Romoli.) Miss Lala and the [[Kaira Trou ...Fran├žois Fratellini, his brothers, the clowns Luigi and Paolo (Louis and Paul), and ''The Gentlemen'', the eccentric acrobatic and musical act performed
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  • ...ainment capital, home of the famed [[Circus Renz|Renz]] and [[Circus Busch|Busch]] circus buildings, Carl Krone got the opportunity of having his circus rec ...rom a shortage of workers during the war years. (Krone would also play the Busch buildings in Berlin and Hamburg the following year.) It is in Wien that, on
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  • ===The Paula Busch Affair=== ...the beginning of the twentieth centuries, her father, [[Circus Busch|Paul Busch]] (1850-1927), had been Germany's (and Europe's) most powerful circus direc
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