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  • ...d been a center-ring headliner with [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus in the United States for seven consecutive seasons. She was also courageous ...troubles, and in an area also totally devoid of competition. (The Spanish circus scene at the time was particularly active.)
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  • ...eisty Babe would often say, "My family was in the circus when the Ringling brothers were still wearing wooden shoes." ...father's elephants, thus his nickname. At age 11, he began working in the circus as a candy butcher. But Buckles had other plans: in 1951, over his father's
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  • Walter remembered that he was very slim when he started his trapeze act. The brothers were working very high, and their father was standing underneath, watching ...enough, Ernst would give him a solid "rap" on the head. Indeed, like many circus performers of his generation, Walter felt that life was tough for him as a
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