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  •, Tito Gaona caught flawless triple somersaults with extraordinary grace and astonishing consistency. ...former military officer (whose brother, Rodolfo, was a well-known torero), and Carlos León, a trapeze artist. Victor's father, also named Bernabé, was a
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  • ...928, in a family connected to show business and animals, albeit not to the circus: Heinz’s father was a movie stuntman who worked with horses for UFA in Be ...ther was interned in Ravensbrück, and Heinz was sent to a Nazi orphanage, and then to work on a farm.
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  • ...WII, in the circuses of whom he presented for many years all sorts of wild and domestic animals. Daniel grew up in the circus. He was still a teenager when he was hired by [[Jo Clavel]] to work in [[Je
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  • ==Circus Director and Impresario== ...ns and marketing, his foresight of the emerging sport arenas’ potential, and the pioneering of trans-national synergies between major European circuses.
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  • ...Sarasota wants to run away and join the circus, it is relatively easy: The circus is all over the place! ...ademy, part of the Circus Arts Conservatory), and became a showgirl on the Ringling show.
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