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  • ...n’t join him. It was a letdown, but Michael didn’t want to return home empty-handed. Luckily, Paul heard of the situation and called Michael to offer hi The following summer, the circus pitched its tent in an empty lot on Eighth Avenue—the site of the old Madison Square Garden. The o
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  • ...]], installed on what was then the Esplanade de Fontvielle, a vast, rather empty landfill at the foot of the Prince's palace, which had been reclaimed from
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  • ...rd to the ''Boulevard du Crime'' itself, it was still a prime one. Yet the empty lot was far from ideal: it had very little depth, and was below street leve
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  • As the auguste Mooky, Laci Endresz, Jr. has managed to fill the empty shoes left by the late great auguste [[Charlie Cairoli]] (1910-1980) at the
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  • ...Servais Le Roy. When the tour ended in Pennsylvania, Le Roy rented a small empty theatre, where he assisted Carmo in building his first magic spectacular. through thick mud to the heated tent. The show struggled on, often with empty houses, before reaching Birmingham in March 1930.
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  • ...eographed ballet. Then the contraption was hauled back up and the cage was empty again. The act ended with a spectacular series of standing jumps by one of
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  • ...'The Chess Game'', appearing dressed as chess pieces from eight apparently empty cubes. ...comic strip characters, pin-ups, etc., until it was eventually shown to be empty. And on and on…
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  • ..., and later on a piece of vacant land at Königin Carola Platz. It is this empty lot at Königin Carola Platz that the municipality of Dresden offered Hans ...s in fact the total diameter of the circle that comprised the ring and the empty space surrounding it, which was used for parades and large displays of perf
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  • ...n a traveling menagerie, but not a circus tent. Luckily, Fernando found an empty lot at the corner of the Boulevard de Rochechouart and the Rue Lallier, and ...ot a percentage of the receipts and was not used to performing in front of empty seats (even if they were few), broke his contract before the end of the tou
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  • ...circus itself and its swimming pool was another matter: It was just a huge empty shell that had to be entirely refurbished, and whose ground had to be dug t
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  • branches had indeed registered Franz's popularity and tried to fill the empty space. Circus Carl Althoff split into two units, one ran by Giovanni, the o
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