Volzhansky Prometheus (1977)

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The Volzhansky Troupe, high wireA tight, heavy metallic cable placed high above the ground, on which wire walkers do crossings and various acrobatic exercises. Not to be confused with a tight wire., in excerpts of Vladimir Volzhansky "attraction(Russian) A circus act that can occupy up to the entire second half of a circus performance.," Prometheus, with Vladislav Volzhansky, Evgeniya Volzhanskaya, Marianna Volzhanskaya, Vladimir Volzhansky, Vladimir Egorov, Lyudmila Druzhina, Guseïn Khamdulaev, Nina Chuglaeva, Vladimir Burakov and Nadezhda Voronina (1982) — Document: Советский Цирк

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