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  • Clown College (1968-97) was created in 1968 by [[Irvin Feld]], then co-owner of [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus]], with hel ...llege offered Ringling a good PR opportunity, a fact which was not lost on Feld, who would milk the college for all its PR worth over the years.
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  • In 1987, [[Kenneth Feld]] presented Jacobs with a Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of Ringling File:Lou_Jacobs,_Dolly,_Feld.jpeg|Dolly, Lou, Irvin Feld (c.1980)
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  • ...he 1991 and 1992 seasons, the entire Circo Americano was booked by Kenneth Feld and brought to the United States, where the Togni family acts starred in th
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  • ...nd Barnum & Bailey as a rigger. He was Head Rigger with the [[Kenneth Feld|Feld]] production of ''Barnum’s Kaleidoscape'' (1999), a remarkable—albe
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  • ...circus in the United States. And against the advice of his collaborators, Feld decided to take the risk of featuring a solo clown—David Larible&mdas David did cameos in TV commercials, movies, and TV shows, and Feld Entertainment sold dolls and toys to his image. During his winter breaks, h
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  • ...a two-year contract with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which Feld had acquired two years earlier, and for which he also purchased the Museumâ the Ringling show, on its Red Unit, in 1977. The following year, Irvin Feld sent him to [[Circus World]], the Ringling theme park in Haines City, Flori
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  • '''Irvin Feld and Kenneth Feld''' (circus owners and producers),
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