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  • .... Petersburg since he had already been there with the [[Jacques Tourniaire|Tourniaire Company]] in 1837. Viool was on his way to become an important figure of th ...ompany: First, the panneau ballerinas—Mesdemoiselles Slapashinskaya; Louise Letard, who danced the ''zabadauda'' on her trotting horse; Josefina Guerra
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  • ...layed great strength and courage after a bad fall, which greatly impressed Tourniaire. The equestrian offered to take him as an apprentice, but Baptiste, who was it quite a significant organization. It is during this association with Tourniaire that Baptiste Loisset became apprentice to the famous equestrian.
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  • ...which was very popular in the German states since their father, [[Jacques Tourniaire]] (1772-1829), had established his company there at the beginning of the ni ...wn), had nine children: Max (1853-1933), Ernst, Albert (1858-1939), Adele, Louise, Adolf, Martha, Jacques (who became the circus’s music conductor) and Emi
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