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  • ...dred wagons traveling by train were used to transport the circus equipment and house the personnel. ...the biggest traveling circuses in Europe, which was subsequently continued and improved by his sons.
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  • ...d Circus, with a group of twelve Shetland ponies. She was tutored in horse and animal training by [[John Gindl]], who was at the time Billy Smart's Circus ...circuses, notably for [[Circus Knie]] in Switzerland and [[Circus Krone]] and [[Circus Hagenbeck]] in Germany. Eventually, Yasmine became a celebrated "R
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  • ...Kremo]], a former icarist whose "Gentleman Juggler" act was world famous, and his wife Marianne, née Kalbitz, both Swiss citizens. Kris went to school i ...cent of his father's, but significantly improved—notably with triple and quadruple pirouettes while juggling his cigar boxes.
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  • 2003-2004. Oleg's wife, Yana, also a graduate of Moscow's State Circus and Variety College, appeared with [[The Firebirds]]. ...mir Skrinichenko, Valery Larin, Artur Ishkulov and Oleg Kasatkin (flyers), and Aleksey Voytenko (second catcher).
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  • ...d with the [[Leers-Arvello Troupe]]; their act, which combined Roman Rings and acrobatic pyramids, was mostly an aerial display of strength. ...oss," which were then supposed to belong exclusively to a male repertoire, and she even held with one arm her hanging stepfather. Meanwhile, she was build
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  • ...m 1979 to 1984 – gathering gold, silver and bronze medals along the way, and several Russian championships titles. ...ed by [[Natalia Makovskaya]]. Regina participated in both acts (flying act and Russian barre).
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  • ''By Alessandro Cervelatti — Translated and edited by Dominique Jando'' ...stables who had suffered from a bad fall in England during a race in 1890 and had died soon after. What is certain is that Giacomo's mother let him join,
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  • ...arnaval'', which included [[Elena Drogaleva]], Andrey Ivanko, Kyril Balan, and Alek Novosolov. ...rmed in the U.S. with [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] from 1995-97, and appeared for the last time together at the [[Big Apple Circus]] in 1999, be
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  • ...ctivity of the organization. It became one of the world’s most respected and successful circuses—until the economic crisis of 2008, which dramatic ...andoned its spring-summer tours of the northeast United States and beyond, and limited its activity to its Lincoln Center four-month winter season. Howeve
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  • ...the firstborn of a very large family: She had six brothers and one sister, and all her life she would assume a sort of matriarchal responsibility for her full swing, which had been a specialty of the great Australian trapeze artist [[Winnie Colleano]]. Mara worked at dizzying heights, without any safeguard
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  •, Tito Gaona caught flawless triple somersaults with extraordinary grace and astonishing consistency. brother, Rodolfo, was a well-known torero), and Carlos León, a trapeze artist. Victor's father, also named Bernabé, was a celebrated clown in Mexico und
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  • ...-seven films, including Fellini's ''I Clowns'' (1972) and dozens of peplum and adventure movies. She also acted onstage under the direction of legendary p ...ephants, three rings of liberty horses, and a remarkable menagerie of wild and exotic animals.
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  • ...g cupola (in the 1970s), the quarterpole-free big top (also in the 1970s), and the round-cupola, quarterpole-free "Florilegio" big top (in the 1990s). ...istide Togni (1853-1924), a university student who, in the 1870s, ran away and joined the Circo Torinese, a circus company headed by Giovanni De Bianchi.
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  • ...nds of the same family: It celebrated its first one-hundred years in 1987, and was still going strong after more than 130 years of uninterrupted activity& ...ntury—following the example of many North-German traveling merchants and performers who crossed the border at that time.
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  • ...he Caroli Troupe]|Domenico Caroli]]. It was [[The Palacys|Pauline Palacy]] and Sacha Dubrovsky, however, who made her an aerialist. the ''Cirque de l’Avenir'' category (for performers sixteen years old and under); she also won the Silver Medal at the Festival of Riva del Garda in
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  • ...of talented clowns, animal trainers, and entertainment entrepreneurs—and a few actors too. In Soviet circus lore, Anatoly and Vladimir Durov are often associated with the Bolshevik revolution. As clown
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  • ...ivalents of Youth Circuses—albeit at a much higher level of training and skills.) ...imir Volzhansky]], with whom he performed for twelve years, both in Russia and abroad with the [[Moscow Circus]].
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  • ...oliet, Illinois, Pedro Carrillo, Jr. is the son of the legendary high-wire artist [[Carrillo Brothers|Pedro Carrillo]]. When he was eighteen, Pedro, Jr. bega ...a trapeze act, taking advantage of both Pedro’s experience as a catcher and Tatiana’s experience as an aerialist.
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  • ...Joliet, Illinois, Pedro Carillo, Jr. is the son of the legendary high-wire artist [[Carillo Brothers|Pedro Carillo]]. When he was eighteen, Pedro, Jr. began ...a trapeze act, taking advantage of both Pedro’s experience as a catcher and Tatiana’s experience as an aerialist.
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  • ...owns, [[Carlo Pellegrini]] (Carlo), [[Michael Christensen]] (Mr. Stubbs), and [[Barry Lubin]] (Grandma). ...wn Alley as "Gordoon," a newly created clown persona. Mr. Stubbs, Gordoon, and Grandma would be, for the following five years, the iconic clown trio of th
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