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  • ==Circus Websites== '''Eden Brothers''' Circus []
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  • ==Wire Dancer, Acrobat, Circus Director and Producer== ...ather, who was starring in the show. David worked again with his father at Circus Knie in 1973.
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  • ==Knie: The Swiss National Circus== ...d be at the origin of one of the world's most prestigious and long-lasting circus dynasties. Born in Erfurt and nineteen years old, the young Friedrich left
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  • == THE CIRCUS OF COPENHAGEN == ''By Johan Vinberg, Swedish Circus Academy''
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  • ...e world’s oldest extant circus building. It is also the world’s oldest circus still in activity: It opened its doors in 1852. Its address, at 110 rue Ame ...e (Paris)|Cirque Olympique]], located some five hundred yards from his new circus, on the portion of the Boulevard du Temple that disappeared in 1862, during
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  • ...928, in a family connected to show business and animals, albeit not to the circus: Heinz’s father was a movie stuntman who worked with horses for UFA in Be ...of the monumental [[Circus Busch]] in Berlin, and had reigned over a vast circus empire that included circuses in Altona, Hamburg, Breslau, and Vienna, and
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  • ...nie Dynasty|Louis Knie]]—which led to a contract for a season with [[Circus Knie]] in 1985. ...h Street Seaport. Then, in 1989, he landed a contract with the [[Big Apple Circus]], where he was featured in its production of ''Grandma Goes West''.
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  • ...of Wroclaw). He made his professional circus debut as a property man at [[Circus Roland]], in Germany, in 1950. There, he developed a passion for big cats, ...l-fledged wild animal trainer, presenting himself lions and polar bears at Circus [[Adolf Fisher]] in Germany. From 1962 to 1965, he worked in Italy at [[The
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  • ...the huge polar bears she eventually chose to present, and which made her a circus star all over Europe and in the United States. ...p novels: She took a job as an usher and cleaning woman with [[Jakob Busch|Circus Busch]], which was visiting Dresden in 1952. She was twenty-five, living ri
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  • ...led in Berlin's State Circus School. There, they were trained in all basic circus disciplines, including acrobatics, juggling, ballet, and trapeze. ...embarked on a two-year tour of the USSR with the East-German [[Jakob Busch|Circus Busch]], and they used that time to develop their comedy routines. Back in
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  • ...age seven, in a performance given for inmates in a jail, with the Mexican circus for which his parents worked at the time. ...rida in the United States. He also won a Bronze Medal at the International Circus Festival of Mexico City in 1993.
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  • (Freddy, 1922-1988) was born in Brussels on December 18, 1922. Like all circus children, the two sons of Manrico Meschi, known as Bario (1888-1974), and L In 1938, the Dario-Barios were in England, at Blackpool’s [[Tower Circus]]. Nello took advantage of the occasion to learn tap-dancing, of which Engl
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  • ...side, and his father had worked on the fairgrounds. Freddy Ross created [[Circus Rosaire]] in England in 1904. David began working in the ring at age five, and received a complete circus education within his family, from horsemanship and tumbling to juggling and
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  • ...ll in 1989, and the end of the Communist regime in East Germany, the State Circus organization privatized their circuses and sold their assets, which include * Video: [[The_Buffalos_Video_c1973|The Buffalos]] at Circus Busch (c.1973)
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  • The Buffalos, trained buffalos and equestrian act, at [[Circus Busch]] in DDR (East Germany) (c.1973). The voice heard in the commentary i
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  • ...ted to perform, and when she recovered, friends suggested that she try the circus. ...iberian city in the region of Novosibirsk. There, she learned a variety of circus disciplines, and partnered with another student, Anatoly Evgenevich Lotishe
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  • Erhard & Christiane Samel, Mixed animals cage act, at [[Circus Busch|Zirkus Busch-Berlin]], in the former DDR (East Germany). The off-screen commentator is [[Jean R
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  • ...r of wild animals for the [[Staatszirkus der DDR]], East-Germany’s state circus organization. He graduated to performing in 1966 with a mixed group of lion ...3, after marrying Erhard. She worked as a cashier at [[Circus Busch|Zirkus Busch-Berlin]], where she and her husband, worked, and became increasingly involved with
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  • ...y with the rank of Captain, and he would be often billed in his subsequent circus career as "Captain Ankner." ...em to [[The Great Carmo|Harry Carmo]] for his newly formed Great Carmo’s Circus in Ireland—and thus Ankner became the Equestrian Director of the Carm
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  • ==Juggler, Magician, Circus Owner== ...gedy. He might also be considered the man who launched the [[Bertram Mills Circus]] on its first tour, having had a short connection with [[Bertram Mills|Ber
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