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  • ...e and animal training by [[John Gindl]], who was at the time Billy Smart's Circus's head trainer. ...a BBC Holiday special that aired for several years after the Billy Smart's Circus had ceased touring.
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  • ==Circus Websites== '''Eden Brothers''' Circus []
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  • ...ent that had settled in Italy, and was related to two other famous Italian circus families, [[The Canastrelli Family|Canestrelli]] and Larible. Gianni's uncl ...on. (Bernhard Paul, a great "discoverer" of clown talent, also launched at Circus Roncalli the careers of [[Pic]], [[Jean-Paul]], [[David Shiner]] and [[Pete
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  • ...(today the [[Académie Fratellini]], one of the western world's very first circus schools, which [[Annie Fratellini]] had just opened in Paris in 1975. There ...rica, and Asia. He was invited twice to participate in the [[International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo]], in 1990 (Tristan Rémy award) and 1996 (Junior J
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  • ...ival was held from December 26 to 30, 1974 under the big top of the French circus [[The Bouglione Family|Bouglione]], installed on what was then the Esplanad ...could know them better, and celebrate them better." It was the first true circus festival ever presented in the Western world.
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  • ...a clown—an auguste to be specific—even before he saw his first circus. This dream was ingrained in him as a child; as he would say later, reflect ...e Southern tip of Spain—a city famous worldwide for its sherry wine. Circus in Spain, during Fernando’s childhood, was at a peak, and it produced an
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  • ==Circus Director, Circus Performer, Singer, Actress== ...ngelo Piccinelli. Five years later, in 1959—without ever leaving the circus—she embarked upon a long movie career. She appeared in thirty-seven f
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  • ==Circus Owner, Animal Trainer, Actress== ...he golden age of Italian cinema. But it was also due to the quality of her circus.
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  • ==Circus Owners, Equestrians, Animal Trainers, Acrobats, Aerialists== ...toured in about thirty countries. The Tognis have also always excelled in circus engineering: they are credited with several technical innovations, includin
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  • ==Circus Owner, Animal Trainer== ...the most famous performer of the Togni dynasty, and the first true popular circus star in Italy. He entered the ring at age seven, as a young equestrian in a
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  • Cirkus Benneweis was, until 2015, Denmark's premier circus, and one of Europe's oldest circuses still in the hands of the same family: ...ed a license to perform as "artist and musician" and began to give outdoor circus performances in Denmark. Gottfried was the son of August Wilhelm Binneweitz
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  • ...state circus school. There, he trained for four years to be a professional circus performer. He graduated in 1986 with a remarkable hand-balancing and contor ...ed to perform, appearing at the Tropicana in Havana and touring with Cuban circus companies in South America.
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  • == Equestrian, Circus Owner == ...he major circuses of the [[The Togni Family|Togni]] and [[The Orfei Family|Orfei]] families, for example. Yet their companies often contained true gems, and
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  • ...Russia and Eastern Europe. His is by far the most famous (and most copied) circus clown in the world. David is the first traditional circus auguste to have brilliantly synthesized the virtuosity of old musical augus
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  • ...ustrial city south of Moscow. She was not at first destined to work in the circus: She trained in ballet as a young girl and, after finishing high school, sh ...doves working together. She was soon noticed by the director of the Stage Circus of Rostov-on-Don, who signed Svetlana for his company, with which she worke
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  •" Jimenez is, on his mother’s side, fifth generation of an old Mexican circus family whose fame dates back to nineteenth century. (His mother was born El ...; Blackpool [[Tower Circus]] in England; [[Circus Scott]] in Sweden; and [[Circus Krone]] in Germany among others.
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  • ...the huge polar bears she eventually chose to present, and which made her a circus star all over Europe and in the United States. ...p novels: She took a job as an usher and cleaning woman with [[Jakob Busch|Circus Busch]], which was visiting Dresden in 1952. She was twenty-five, living ri
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  • ...time, he worked on a hand-balancing act, which he eventually debuted at [[Circus Knie]] in Switzerland in 1973. Later, Omar partnered with his sisters, Aïs ...] in Milano, Italy, and the Golden Artist Award the Enschede International Circus Festival in the Netherlands in 2001. Zaida was also proud to be the first f
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  • ...e of its famous name) with the legendary [[Cirque Medrano (Paris)|Parisian circus]]. ...sartelli family managed to become in just a few decades one of the largest circus families in Europe; it counts today about one hundred members.
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  • .... The name of that circus was homonymous to that of the legendary Parisian circus, but had no connection with it. It was “the other Medrano”—and st ...t and although they didn’t come from a circus family, they owned a small circus that traveled in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They always called Ludwig, wh
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