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  • Circus '''Joseph Ashton''' [] Cirque '''Bouglione''' []
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  • ...luminaries such as [[John Ringling North]], [[Arturo Castilla]], [[Joseph Bouglione]], and [[Cyril Mills]] were regular visitors at his annual four-month winte
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  • At the periphery of the house, a series of twenty paintings by Félix-Joseph Barrias and Nicolas-Louis Gosse, telling the history of horsemanship, adorn ...unning on the circumference of the building, sculpted by Bosio, Francisque-Joseph Duret (the author of the famous Saint-Michel fountain in Paris), Jean-Bapti
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  • ...ival of Massy]], and going on tour in 2012 with the French [[Cirque Joseph Bouglione]]. There, he was particularly happy to serve as straight man to his mentor,
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  • ...n 1979, Daniel Suskov, spent the season with [[The Bouglione Family|Firmin Bouglione]]’s [[Cirque Amar]], where he also presented a liberty act. For the winte ...m, where he presented a group of African elephants, and assisted Alexandre Bouglione with his group of tigers. He was still in Belgium at the beginning of 1992,
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  • ...h Van Been presenting a group of tigers from Cirque [[The Bouglione Family|Bouglione]] on Thames Television's ''Hippodrome'' (1966). [[Category:Video Archive|Van Been, Joseph]]
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  • ...ampion_Bouglione_Horses_-_1948|Sampion Bouglione, liberty act]], at Cirque Bouglione (1948) * Video: [[La_Famille_Bouglione_Video_(1960)|''La Famille Bouglione'', TV documentary]] filmed at the Cirque d'Hiver (1960)
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  • ...ked at Paris’s [[Cirque d’Hiver]], where [[The Bouglione Family|Joseph Bouglione]] needed a quick replacement for the juggler [[Sampion Zurani]]: Nino’s a
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  • ...presented by André Leclerc. The film features Sampion, Firmin, and Joseph Bouglione. (1960) — ''Document: Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) &mdash * Biography: [[The Bouglione Family]]
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  • ...rin were married with great pomp in Bordeaux—where the mighty Cirque Bouglione was performing—on May 21, 1948. It was a good opportunity for a spect ...ouglione family when Christiane Prin married [[Emilien Bouglione]], Joseph Bouglione's third son.
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  • In 1973, Billy and Vittorio made a last tour in France with the [[Cirque Bouglione]], and then Billy decided to retire from the ring while he was still at the]] in 1989, and continued under the ownership of [[Roland Kaiser]] and [[Joseph Muscarello]], rising to the position of General Manager. His daughter, Katy
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  • ...sulted in Jérôme Medrano losing his circus to the [[The Bouglione Family|Bouglione]] family nearly a century later. Cirque's Façade on the Rue Saint-Honoré (1904)]]On February 12, 1886, Joseph Oller’s brand-new [[Nouveau Cirque (Paris)|Nouveau Cirque]] opened its do
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  • ...long friendship with the circus’s new owners, the [[The Bouglione Family|Bouglione family]]; they then went on to perform at Rouen's circus building, and from ...ei Family|Orfei]] in Italy. For its 1950 tour, [[Joseph Van Been]] (Joseph Bouglione’s Belgian brother-in-law) joined Franz Althoff with a lion act. His was o
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