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  • ...e end of the eighteenth century (see ''[[Short History of the Circus]]''), circus performances were originally presented in buildings, either permanent struc ...ofitable, and they quickly prevailed: From roughly 1870 to 1930, they made circus the most popular performing art in America.
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  • [[File:Chiarini_Utagawa_Masanobu.jpg|thumb|right|400px|Chiarini's Circus in Japan (1886)]] ==Equestrian, Circus Entrepreneur==
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  • ==Circus Owner and Director== ...unced the "Death of Britain’s Nº 1 Showman" and the "King of the Modern Circus," indicating the unrivalled position in which the showman was revered.
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  • ...common denominator between Roman and modern circuses is the word itself, ''circus'', which means in Latin as in English, "circle". ===Philip Astley: The Father Of The Modern Circus===
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  • Walter remembered that he was very slim when he started his trapeze act. The brothers were working very high, and their father was standing underneath, watching ...enough, Ernst would give him a solid "rap" on the head. Indeed, like many circus performers of his generation, Walter felt that life was tough for him as a
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  • ...r, an acrobat on trampoline, and a teeterboard acrobat (with the [[Tom Mix Circus]]), and even joined for a time the equestrian troupe of the legendary [[Poo in variety shows, which were more comfortable (and lucrative) than the circus.
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