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  • ...Then, in 1942, Gilbert, Sacha and Nadia Houcke were contracted by [[Circus Busch]], which was performing under a tent in Berlin. ...he helm of the touring unit, while her mother oversaw what was left of the Busch circus empire.
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  • ===The Paula Busch Affair=== ...the beginning of the twentieth centuries, her father, [[Circus Busch|Paul Busch]] (1850-1927), had been Germany's (and Europe's) most powerful circus direc
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  • ...'s sister, María, a remarkable equestrienne, with whom he had a daughter, Micaela., Gil Vicente Alegría committed suicide in October 1908, and his widow, Micaela, decided to close the Circo Ecuestre and leave the Tívoli at the end of th
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