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* [[Klyueva-Shumilo_Video_(2023)|Alina Klyueva & Sergey Shumilo]], aerial straps (2023)
* [[Klyueva-Shumilo_Video_(2023)|Alina Klyueva & Sergey Shumilo]], aerial straps (2023)
* [[Lupescu-Rhodin_Video_(1983)|Carmen Lupescu-Rhodin]], tight-wire (1983)
* [[Lupescu-Rhodin_Video_(1983)|Carmen Lupescu-Rhodin]], tight wire (1983)
* [[Verlataya_Video_(c.2020)|Evgeniya Verlataya]], mixed animal act (c.2020)
* [[Verlataya_Video_(c.2020)|Evgeniya Verlataya]], mixed animal act (c.2020)
* [[Vasov_Video_(2023)|Krasimir Vasov]], hand balancer (2023)
* [[Vasov_Video_(2023)|Krasimir Vasov]], hand balancer (2023)

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Born Marie-Aude Jauze and the daughter of a fireman and a psychologist, Angélina was born in France's Paris suburbs. As a child, Marie-Aude had a talent for drawing, and she obtained a Baccalauréat in Art. The next natural step would have been to continue her art education, and she applied for the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris. Unfortunately, she was not accepted. This dramatically changed the course of her career.

Artistically inclined, Marie-Aude tried her chance in the performing arts: She applied for Marcel Marceau’s International Mime School, but she failed the audition. Then she tried the movies, without more success. She finally decided to leave Paris and moved to the Toulouse, in the southwest of France, a sunnier and more relaxed place to consider her future. Toulouse was the seat of a well-known circus school, the Lido, which had shown over the years a remarkable talent for creating acts with a strong touch of humor.

Marie-Aude went there to take evening classes, and upon discovering that she was already too old to shine in acrobatics, she opted for trapeze—where she could still do something with the limited skills her age allowed her. Her strong imagination and her sense of humor were a good fit with the Lido’s approach to circus arts. In time, Marie-Aude became Angélina, a tired circus artist of indefinite age, still performing her worn-out acts—a trapeze presentation, and a hula-hoop exhibition. Both were comedy acts, to which she added a good dose of verbal humor.... (more...)

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  • Alina Klyueva & Sergey Shumilo, aerial strapsPair of fabric or leather straps used as an apparatus for an aerial strap act. (2023)
  • Carmen Lupescu-Rhodin, tight wireA tight, light metallic cable, placed between two platforms not very far from the ground, on which a wire dancer perform dance steps, and acrobatic exercises such as somersaults. (Also: Low Wire) (1983)
  • Evgeniya Verlataya, mixed animal act (c.2020)
  • Krasimir Vasov, hand balancer (2023)
  • Poselsky Troupe, swinging polesSuspended poles with a small platform at their base, used in the same way as a Russian swing. (2023)

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