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  • [[File:Chiarini_Utagawa_Masanobu.jpg|thumb|right|400px|Chiarini's Circus in Japan (1886)]] ==Equestrian, Circus Entrepreneur==
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  • ...ith their parents, when the Cortes Troupe were contracted by [[Hoxie Bros. Circus]] to perform their high wire and flying trapeze acts. Young Robinson perfor ...allenda Family|Wallendas]] at the [[International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo]] in 2004, along with his wife, Alida. (That year, the Wallendas won the pr
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  • ...mb|right|300px|Les Frères Taquin]]Although Les Frères Taquin (The Taquin Brothers) were originally a brother act, as their name indicates, they soon became s ...988 edition of the Festival, and won a Gold Medal. The numerous agents and circus directors present at the Festival came immediately knocking at their door,
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  • ...ed period of forty years, from 1939 through 1979, at Blackpool’s [[Tower Circus]], of which he became the undisputed star and, without a doubt, the most po old French circus family of Italian origins—like so many ancient circus families anywhere else in the world. As for [[Jean-Marie Cairoli]] (1879-1
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  • ...rani Brothers, Risley act]], at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo (2004) * Video: [[Errani_Brothers_Video_(2004)|The Errani Brothers, Risley act]], at Circus Kronebau, Munich (2004)
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  • ==Circus Director and Impresario== ...evements were the introduction of theatrical aesthetics into the traveling circus performance, a modern approach to public relations and marketing, his fores
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  • ...1973 to Marguerite and Efrein Torres. He had one sister, Allison, and two brothers, Thomas and Andrew. His parents later moved to Hillsdale, New Jersey, where ...rres_Cole_Bros.jpeg|thumb|left|400px|Rob Torres at Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus (c.1993)]]While in high school, he was a member of the cross-country track
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  • ...has produced five generations of funnymen, some of whom have become major circus stars in Spain as well as abroad: Pompoff y Thedy, arguably the greatest Sp ...turo, the elder, who was probably significantly older than his more famous brothers: Emilio (later known as Emig—?-1946), Teodoro (later known as Thedy&m
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  • ...and during the Soviet regime, originated one of Russia’s most important circus dynasties. Their name still resonates today in Russian lore and culture, an To the circus historian, however, finding one’s way into the intricacy of their expande
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  • ...irst appearance in the ring with his father, during a tour of the [[Moscow Circus]], when he was two years old. But his "professional debut" happened two yea ...onvention. This was followed by a contract with Russia's premier circus, [[Circus Nikulin]] in Moscow: At age thirteen, Dmitry was a full-fledged professiona
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  • ...common denominator between Roman and modern circuses is the word itself, ''circus'', which means in Latin as in English, "circle". ===Philip Astley: The Father Of The Modern Circus===
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  • ...have made his one of the great names of the twentieth century’s European circus. ...]], a French equestrian who had settled in Sweden, where he originated his circus dynasty in the 19th century.
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  • ...r, an acrobat on trampoline, and a teeterboard acrobat (with the [[Tom Mix Circus]]), and even joined for a time the equestrian troupe of the legendary [[Poo in variety shows, which were more comfortable (and lucrative) than the circus.
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  • ...Enders on April 16, 1935 in Köln (Cologne), Germany, to an old family of circus equestrians. His parents were Hugo Enders (1899-1952), a jockey and horse t ...von der Gathen (1908-1999), who was Alma’s sister and was married to the circus director and animal trainer [[Adolf Althoff]] (1913-1998). Adi was trained
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  • ...hand-to-hand balancing]] (excerpt), at Moscow's International Festival of Circus Arts (2007) ...balancing]] (full act), at the 40th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo (2016)
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  • ...c.1980)|Semon Orlov Troupe, with Anatoliy Teslenko, juggling act]], at the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow (c.1980) ...ko Brothers, juggling act]], at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo (2000)
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  • ...ue Canadien'', or ''Cirque des Alliés'', and after the War as ''Britannic Circus'', then under a succession of titles before ending in 1959 as ''Cirque Cont ...t, eventually developing a horizontal bar act. In time, the three Beautour brothers became animal trainers of great reputation: Lucien had a popular chimpanzee
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  • ==Animal Trainer, Circus Producer== ...ome and abroad, and eventually propelled him to new heights in the Russian circus artistic hierarchy.
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  • ...rque Medrano holds a singular place in the Parisian cultural fabric and in circus history. From its beginnings as Cirque Fernando, in 1873, until the end of ...into genuine circus stars; appearing in its ring was a recognition for any circus artist. Its last performance under Jérôme Medrano’s reign in January 19
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  • ...Meleshin, rola-bola, at the 39th [[International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo]] (2015) * Biography: [[Meleshin Brothers]]
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