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  • Cirque '''Pinder''' [] Circus '''William''' []
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  • ...Bugny]], the American equestrienne Jenny Visser, and the clowns Vallier & William were part of the original fare, along with the dependable Gillardoni and Be (1932)]]Like the majority of their colleagues, the Fratellinis disliked William Parish, the owner of Madrid’s Circo Parish (the old [[Circo Price (Madrid
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  • ...tter than "Wim," so Wim Vos became, to the circus world and his audiences, William Vos. ===William Vos, Lion Trainer===
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  • ...This lack of a father may be the reason why—along with the fact that William was afflicted with achondroplasia (dwarfism)—his mother chose to aban, but their next engagement (billed as "Les Fossetts") at the [[Cirque Pinder-Jean Richard]] in Paris flopped miserably. Their broad slapstick humor, whi
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