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  • [[Category:Circuses|Myers Great American Circus]]
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  • by Roberto Guideri chronicling the visit of Flavio Togni's ''American Circus'' in Genoa, Italy (2009) — ''Document © Roberto Guideri'' [[Category:Video Archive|Togni-American Circus]]
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  • ...ands, and two hundred wagons traveling by train were used to transport the circus equipment and house the personnel. ...I by Karel Kludský (Carl Kludsky, as he became known in the West-European circus business). From humble beginnings, Karel Kludský had managed to build one
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  • ...he learned various circus disciplines, which he then performed with other circus kids in amateur shows. His father soon began to train him as a juggler, dis in 1975. He signed his first circus season with Blackpool's [[Tower Circus]] in England. His success was immediate, and he embarked upon a brilliant i
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  • ==Circus Websites== '''Eden Brothers''' Circus []
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  • ...r mother, Gertrude, was a member of the [[Reichenback Family|Reichenbach]] circus family. A physically powerful woman, Gertrude acquired fame with an elegant ...lace, and a four-year contract with [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus from 1928 through 1933. There, she occupied a center-ring position in a pro
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  • ...(today the [[Académie Fratellini]], one of the western world's very first circus schools, which [[Annie Fratellini]] had just opened in Paris in 1975. There ...rica, and Asia. He was invited twice to participate in the [[International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo]], in 1990 (Tristan Rémy award) and 1996 (Junior J
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  • ...ith Lubin's beloved character. However, he would returned to the Big Apple Circus for an ultimate bow for its Lincoln Center revival season in 2017. ...taste of the traditional one-ring format, a very different setting for an American clown used to working anonymously is giant arenas.
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  • ...seback, which won her the Dame du Cirque award at the 1989 [[International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo]]. ...performed their acts all over Europe, notably at [[Circus Roncalli]] and [[Circus Krone]] in Germany and [[Cirkus Benneweis]] in Denmark, as well as on stage
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  • == THE FIRST CIRCUS IN AMERICA== ...t performance of Mr. John Bill Ricketts's company at the ''Circus''. The ''Circus'' was a roofless arena that could accommodate some eight-hundred spectators
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  • ==Actor, Comedian, Circus Owner== His early encounters with circus performers (particularly [[Martha-la-Corse]], a cat trainer) triggered his
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  • ...e end of the eighteenth century (see ''[[Short History of the Circus]]''), circus performances were originally presented in buildings, either permanent struc ...ofitable, and they quickly prevailed: From roughly 1870 to 1930, they made circus the most popular performing art in America.
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  • ...bruary 9, 1968 in St. Petersburg, Russia, to a family not related with the circus, Regina Dobrovitskaya started training in competitive gymnastics at the age ...ov and his troupe moved to the "Old Circus" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard (today [[Circus Nikulin]]) and made two acts out of one, which were directed by [[Natalia M
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  • ...cus Arts. Its enormous success soon put the school in the shadows, and the circus took over as the principal activity of the organization. It became one of t ...’s prestigious Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts. The new Big Apple Circus quickly abandoned its spring-summer tours of the northeast United States an
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  • ==Circus Director and Animal Trainer== ...d Rajah, thus beginning a long career as an animal trainer in his family's circus.
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  • ==Circus Owner, Equestrian== Philip Astley (1742-1814) is considered the creator of the modern circus. He was born January 8, 1742 in Newcastle-under-Lyme, in the West Midlands,
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  • ==Juggler, Clown, Ringmaster, Circus Director== ...n after create the grassroots [[Pickle Family Circus]] and trigger the New Circus movement in the United States. Christensen and Pisoni, who had a comedy-jug
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  • Dolly Jacobs was born to a circus family: her father, the celebrated clown [[Lou Jacobs]] (1903-1992), was fo ...orate costumes, and participating in ensemble aerial presentations. Jean's circus career was short-lived. On May 5, 1948, a few days after her debut at Madis
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  • ...arkably gifted Indian Woodlands elephant that Buckles had purchased from a circus in 1951 when she was five years old. By then, Anna May was thirteen, and Be ...arship for the University of South Florida, but he chose to go back to the circus instead, and to continue working with elephants.
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  • ...rcus troupes that traveled abroad, in shows produced by the Soviet central circus organization, [[SoyuzGosTsirk]]. ...ow)|State College for Circus and Variety Arts]] in 1927, the world's first circus university.
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  • ...nization that had, until then, produced annually an important fund-raising circus gala in Paris. ...ala de la Piste'', a black-tie gala featuring some of the world's greatest circus acts, which was produced by Dominique Mauclair and staged at Paris's [[Cirq
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  • ==Circus Owner, Animal Trainer, Actress== ...he golden age of Italian cinema. But it was also due to the quality of her circus.
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