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  • ...orn to an old, prolific Mexican circus family that traces its roots to the Circo Gaona y León, created in 1891 by Bernabé Gaona Ramos, a former military o ...he Ringling show until 1978, becoming the leading star act of the circus's Blue Unit. In 1974, the Ringling show featured two Flying Gaonas acts: the origi
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  • Tom Dougherty toured as a clown with ''The Greatest Show On Earth''’s Blue Unit for the next three seasons. It was a great learning experience: Tom ha 2008, he joined the much larger Blue Unit, where he was featured as the star clown of their latest production, ''Over The Top''. There Tom met and teame
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  • ...e polar bears she eventually chose to present, and which made her a circus star all over Europe and in the United States. ...r, they flew to the United States, where [[Irvin Feld]] had signed them to star in ''The Greatest Show On Earth'', [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] C
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  • ...ags. They later worked in France with [[Cirque Pourtier]], in Spain with [[Circo Alegria]] in 1936, then at Cirque Medrano in Paris the following year. They ...rated laughs between large groups of animals, three-ring displays, and the Circo Americano’s lavish production numbers; and it worked with equal success i
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  • shows in Spain and abroad, managed the legendary [[Circo Price (Madrid)|Circo Price]] building in Madrid, organized circus festivals and congresses, and ...e legendary auguste [[Chocolat]]. The Hermanos Cape spent six seasons with Circo Feijóo, during which Arturo Castilla became good friends with Manuel Feij
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  • ...opular audience’s favorite, and was on his way to turn into Fernando’s star performer. ...f similar pieces that featured Geronimo Medrano and made him a true circus star.
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  • ...hat remained in use until 2019); the new canvas tent, 47 x 68 meters, dyed blue to keep the interior dark during matinees, could accommodate 5,500 spectato ...Barcelona's brand-new Palau dels Esports arena his ''Festival Mundial del Circo'', also involving Franz Althoff's acts (and the following year, Circus Will
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