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  • '''Circo del Sol '''[] Circo '''Hermanos Servian '''[]
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  • ...Cartagena, where she performed a small trapeze act in her father's circus, Circo Florida. A very strong girl, both physically and psychologically, Mara deve ...impresario, [[Juan Carcellé]], noticed her at the Feria of Seville, where Circo Florida was performing. Three years later, when Miro Papadopoulos sold his
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  • the ring in his family's acrobatic acts at the tender age of three, in Circo Dumbars, in Mexico. ...and then all over Europe with some of the most prominent circuses there: [[Circo Nando Orfei]] in Italy; [[Cirque Pinder]], [[Cirque d’Hiver|Cirque d’Hi
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  • ...(the year of Hortense’s birth), they created with [[Ricardo Bell]] the ''Circo Océano'', and rented [[Giuseppe Chiarini]]’s circus building in Mexico C ...—where Alfredo and Clara also got married. The Codonas remained with Circo Pubillones until 1918. (They shared the bill with [[Alfred Court]], who was
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  • ...d adopt later (although his enterprise was mostly referred to as Circus or Circo Chiarini). The famous American equestrian [[John Glenroy]] (1828-1902)&mdas ...n Francisco, leveled down by a catastrophic fire five years earlier. The ''Circo de Chiarini'' was a stone amphitheater of 3,000 seats, designed after the t
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  • ...y to present a show in Spanish, at José María González Villa’s [[Gran Circo Mundial]], in Spain. Following this engagement, she was offered a contract presented the 3e Festival de Cirque in Tours, France, and then moved to Portugal, where she began working with her husband’s family show—adding Port
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  • do Coliseu do Porto, in Portugal, [[Circo Atayde Hnos.]] in Mexico, and Circo Moscu in the Dominican Republic. They have participated in several circus f
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  • shows in Spain and abroad, managed the legendary [[Circo Price (Madrid)|Circo Price]] building in Madrid, organized circus festivals and congresses, and ...e legendary auguste [[Chocolat]]. The Hermanos Cape spent six seasons with Circo Feijóo, during which Arturo Castilla became good friends with Manuel Feij
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  • ...herself, and for the 1949 Christmas season, she performed in Valencia with Circo [[Hermanos Diaz]]. There she was spotted by one of [[John Ringling North]] ...She had been invited to participate in the ''Gran Competición Mundial del Circo'', organized in November 1956 at Barcelona’s Palacio Municipal de los Dep
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  • ===From the Trio Nones to Circo Hellas=== ...w company: November 10, 1962 saw the debut in Viareggio of the brand-new ''Circo Hellas''; Walter involved his brothers, Moira’s (Paolo, Mauro and Dea), a
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  • ...graduation, he went to work with major circuses in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Portugal and France.
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  • ...ers (or Hermanos Albano), a clown duo that was extremely popular in Spain, Portugal and France in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Among other venue ...Circo Ecuestre]] and, starting in 1915, they went on tour regularly with [[Circo Feijóo]], a well-known and respected circus founded in 1885, which had a j
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  • ...'' in 1897. The Briatores had first worked with Gil Vicente Alegría's ''[[Circo Ecuestre Barcelonés]]'' in 1882 and performed with him in Barcelona for th and leave the Tívoli at the end of the season, in December. Alegría's Circo Ecuestre had been Rico & Alex's home until that time, the place where they
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