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  • ==Circus Websites== '''Eden Brothers''' Circus []
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  • ...ent that had settled in Italy, and was related to two other famous Italian circus families, [[The Canastrelli Family|Canestrelli]] and Larible. Gianni's uncl ...on. (Bernhard Paul, a great "discoverer" of clown talent, also launched at Circus Roncalli the careers of [[Pic]], [[Jean-Paul]], [[David Shiner]] and [[Pete
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  • ...(today the [[Académie Fratellini]], one of the western world's very first circus schools, which [[Annie Fratellini]] had just opened in Paris in 1975. There ...rica, and Asia. He was invited twice to participate in the [[International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo]], in 1990 (Tristan Rémy award) and 1996 (Junior J
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  • ...seback, which won her the Dame du Cirque award at the 1989 [[International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo]]. ...otably at [[Circus Roncalli]] and [[Circus Krone]] in Germany and [[Cirkus Benneweis]] in Denmark, as well as on stage, in nightclubs, and on television.
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  • ...mother, Angela, was born [[The Fossett Family|Fossett]], a legendary Irish circus dynasty. ...nneweis]] in Denmark, the [[Big Apple Circus]] in the United States, and [[Circus Knie]] in Switzerland. Sadly, their act was short-lived: in 2011, Giovanni
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  • ...nal clown character that stands as one of the twentieth century's greatest circus icons. ...s, the brothers began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met—and later married—a French acroba
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  • Cirkus Benneweis was, until 2015, Denmark's premier circus, and one of Europe's oldest circuses still in the hands of the same family: ...ed a license to perform as "artist and musician" and began to give outdoor circus performances in Denmark. Gottfried was the son of August Wilhelm Binneweitz
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  • ...Moscow’s [[State College of Circus and Variety Arts]] (a.k.a. the Moscow Circus School) in 1987, where the famous Russian act director [[Valentin Gneushev] ...[[Circus Knie]] and [[Circus Conelli]] in Switzerland; and, in Germany, [[Circus Krone]], Frankfurt’s TigerPalast, Düsseldorf’s Apollo Varieté, and Be
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  • == THE CIRCUS OF COPENHAGEN == ''By Johan Vinberg, Swedish Circus Academy''
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  •" Jimenez is, on his mother’s side, fifth generation of an old Mexican circus family whose fame dates back to nineteenth century. (His mother was born El ...; Blackpool [[Tower Circus]] in England; [[Circus Scott]] in Sweden; and [[Circus Krone]] in Germany among others.
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  • ...ticipated in international gymnastics competitions before switching to the circus&madash;as many Russian gymnasts do when their competitive career comes to a ...r Nikolai Zemskov’s untimely and sudden death during the [[International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo]] in 1995, his act was taken over for some time by
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  • ...Anderson]], a puppeteer and stage designer who had developed a passion for circus and flying trapeze. (In 1973, Keith Anderson would create the Hi-Fli Trapez ...ates, where they were featured with [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus for two seasons.
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  • ...ed to settle in Germany, where he toured for a while with his own ''Moscow Circus''. Yet, his return to Russia in 2015, for the first (and short-lived) [[Mas ...en visited with his mother the "Old Circus" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard (today [[Circus Nikulin]]), and he remembered (in hindsight, perhaps a little disingenuousl
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  • ...ki_Video_(1984)|Duo Zalewski, perch-pole balancing]], at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo (1984) ...o: [[Zalewski_Video_(1985)|Duo Zalewski, perch-pole balancing]], at Cirkus Benneweis (1985)
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