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  • Le '''Grand Cirque''' [] Cirque '''Bouglione''' []
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  • [[Image:Poster_cirque_jean_richard_1957.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Jean Richard (1957)]] ...1921-2001) was born in a farm named "La Ménagerie." His father was Pierre Richard, a horse dealer, and his mother a homemaker, née Suzanne Boinot.
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  • {{Languages|Jean Richard}} [[Image:Poster_cirque_jean_richard_1957.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Jean Richard (1957)]]
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  • ...ional Circus Festival of Monte Carlo]] in 1974, where she won ''La Dame du Cirque'' award, given to the best female performer of the Festival. In 1976, she w Image:Katja Schumann 1976.jpg|Katja Schumann, Cirque Pinder-Jean Richard (1976)
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  • ...e Pinder]], [[Cirque d’Hiver|Cirque d’Hiver-Bouglione]], [[Cirque Jean Richard]] in France; [[Cirkus Benneweis]] in Denmark; Blackpool [[Tower Circus]] in
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  • ...]’s assistant trainers, before entering in the service of the brothers [[Cirque Amar|Amar]] after WWII, in the circuses of whom he presented for many years debut in front of an audience as a cat trainer at age twenty, with Jean Richard’s own group of five lionesses. The year was 1969.
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  • * Biography: [[Jean Richard]] File:Pinder_Vesinet_1926.jpeg|Cirque Pinder in 1926
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  • ...ughter of Gaston Rousseau, the director of the defunct [[Cirque Métropole|Cirque de Paris]], the gigantic circus building that stood Avenue de la Motte-Picq ...asics. She made her performing debut at Paris’s [[Cirque Medrano (Paris)|Cirque Medrano]] at age thirteen, entering the ring within a big rolling globe, fr
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  • ...ra, and catcher Naafi Louw. The Osler del Cannes remained with Pinder-Jean Richard until 1977, after what Freddy Osler resumed the Flying Oslers’ act as a t
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  • ...orn during an engagement of his parents in his grandfather’s circus, the Cirque Alphonse Rancy, which was then showing in Grenoble, an important city south ...n act ''The Courier'' (or ''La Poste'') with nine horses in his father's ''Cirque des Cirques'' at the Grand Palais in Paris. Gilbert was good-looking (as we
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  • ...the Parisian cultural fabric and in circus history. From its beginnings as Cirque Fernando, in 1873, until the end of [[Jérôme Medrano]]’s management in ...e eleven Ferdinand "ran away and joined the circus"—in this case the Cirque Gauthiez, which was touring in Belgium. There, as the story goes, Ferdinand
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  • ...: In spite of its French title, French audiences quickly discovered that ''Cirque Charles'' was actually a German enterprise. The Franco-German war of 1870 a ...him with a group of fourteen lions that had been previously presented by [[Richard Havemann]], and sent him at the end of 1932 to perform for eighteen months
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  • ...ver]], then in a circus on the Spanish isle of Mallorca, and toured with [[Cirque Pinder]] in France. Back in England, he put together a mixed animal act con ...f his eight years of employment by Chipperfield, he worked at the French [[Cirque Amar]] (then owned by [[The Bouglione Family|Firmin Bouglione, Jr.]]), wher
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